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Inflatable Bouncers  Attendants for Rentals available at an additional cost.

Birthday Cake Bouncer

Let your child have their cake and bounce in it. too!  This bouncer is rounded in shape.

Dimensions 15'x 15' x 16'

Balloon Bouncer

Take flight in this balloon-themed bouncer

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 15'

Module House

We have a few themed panels available if you prefer.  Basketball hoop inside.

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 13'



Birthday Module House

Make your child's special day even better with this Happy Birthday themed bouncer.  Basketball hoop inside.

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 13'


Castle Bouncer #1

Let The Kids Enjoy Being The King Or Queen Of The Castle

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 16'

Pink Castle Bouncer

A slightly smaller option for the little queen jumpers.

Dimensions: 13' x 13' x 14'

Fun house Bouncer

Let the kids own their own bounce house for a day take advantage of this rental deal!

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 16'

Castle Bouncer #2

Plenty of space for the jumping king or queen.  This bouncer has a netted ceiling.

Take advantage of this rental deal!

Dimensions 15' x 15' x 16'

Sports Bouncer

The perfect themed bouncer for all sports fanatics! Basketball hoop inside.

Dimensions: 13' x 13' x 16'



Princess Castle Bouncer

Designed and color coordinated for the lady jumpers in mind!  Basketball hoop inside.

Dimensions: 15' x 15' x 14'

Indoor Module House

With only an 8 foot height, this bouncer can fit in  large indoor halls.  Perfect for a winter party!  Because of the lower height, children under 10 years old are the recommended ages for use in this bouncer.

Dimensions 13'x 12' x 8'

Toddler Mini Bouncer/Ball Pit

Made for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old! It's a bouncer with a separate ball pit area, and will fit in almost any backyard or indoor location.  It has an open ceiling.  Multicolored balls for the ball pit included!

Dimensions: 12' x 8' x 8'

                 (Ballpit area is 4' x 8')

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