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Dunk Tank

An all-time carnival favorite!  Hit the target with the ball and the recipient enjoys a landing in the water.

3 balls are included

Backyard Obstacle Course

Have a complete two-person race in the comfort

of most backyards.

Get through the obstructions and slide your way to

the finish line!

Dimensions: 30' x 11' x 10'

                  Slide height: 6'

65' Obstacle Course

Combine the above obstacle course along with the 18'

 dual lane slide, and you

have a behemoth with

guaranteed thrills.

Dimensions: 65' x 12' x 18'

Note:  2 separate electrical circuits are required

Obstacle Course

Enjoy this 7-element

 inflatable challenge for two

 people at a time!


Dimensions: 30' x 11' x 12.5'


Fun Spinner Machine

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making your own unique colorful creations on either cardstock or frisbees with this popular spin-art machine.  Comes with six different

colors of paint

Comes with 50 card-stocks & frames

($10 for each additional 10 5x7 card-stocks & frames)

 if you desire Frisbees, they are $2 each (required Frisbee attachment included)


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